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The republican party often refers to itself as the gop which many believe to stand for grand old party.

What is the republican party known for. See full answer below. Its chief rival the democratic party is the oldest. The republican party of minnesota for instance adopted a platform in 1874 that it said guarantees that the grand old party that saved the country is still true to the principles that gave it.

The republican party has since been defined by social conservatism a preemptive war foreign policy intended to defeat terrorism and promote global democracy a more powerful executive branch supply side economics deregulation and support for the second amendment. At that time this party was known for its many evangelical members. It is the second oldest existing political party in the united states.

Founded in 1854 by anti slavery expansion activists and modernizers the republican party rose to prominence with the election of abraham lincoln the first republican president. Party of the future founding of the republican party on july 6 1854 just after the anniversary of the nation an anti slavery state convention was held in jackson michigan. The republican party also referred to as the gop is one of the worlds oldest extant political parties.

In the united states the gop stands for grand old party. The republican party is known for being more conservative and in favor of more limited government the republicans are made up of a variety of. The republican party is the younger of the two parties.

The republican party was also the first party to favor womens suffrage and the majority of states that voted to ratify the nineteenth amendment were republican states.

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